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  Note: When installing patches under the NT-based versions of Windows such as WinNT4, 2000, XP &
             higher, you must have Administrative rights (complete access) as a computer user to install or
             remove patches.  Note that this is an independent resource for finding the latest info on updates
             for most Micorosft software (I do not work for anyone).  All support for all editions of Win2000
             and WinXP SP2 ended on July 13, 2010.  All support for 32-bit editions of WinXP SP3 ended
             on April 8, 2014 (except for "embedded" editions of XP).  All support for all editions of 
             Windows Server 2003 ended on July 14, 2015.  Also extended support for Windows Vista 
             ended on April 11, 2017.  The 64-bit x64 editions of certain Windows system updates pages have
             been posted in year 2016 because the x64 versions of Windows are being commonly used
             more than the 32-bit x86 editions of Windows.

             The latest unofficial and official Cumulative Daylight Saving Time - Time Zone Updates for
              certain Windows versions are now listed on my Computer Tips for Windows page - part 2.

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   Computer Magazine & PC Newsletters Sites:  ! - New articles by Fred Langa are mentioned in the latest site along with the
     published Windows Secrets articles.

   Video game/computer game web sites:

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   Free Email sites: (sign up at any of these sites for a free email account)   Note: Many of these email sites will be offering more storage space [at least 1Gb of free space]
            so that users can send bigger email attachments and receive email messages with large
            sized attachments.
<> Caution: The, GMail & Yahoo Mail sites only works correctly with recent versions of IE, 
Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari web browsers.  If you use other web browsers (like K-meleon)
on certain email sites, you will need to change the "user agent" setting to either IE or Firefox so that
your web browser can work properly with the particular email site.
Note: Lycos mail is no longer listed here as they have stopped offering free email services in June 2018.
Also, Excite mail has permanently closed their email service on August 31, 2021.

   Some Online Service Internet Software/Internet Providers:
  • America Online [AOL]   (latest version is AOL 9.7, which is compatible with Vista, Win7 & Win8)
  • Earthlink  (offered in dialup, broadband DSL & cable internet conections)
  • Netzero   (offered in dialup and broadband DSL conections)
  • PeoplePC  (offered in dialup, broadband DSL & cable conections) [now an Earthlink company]
  Note: All of the online service software require at least a Pentium 500 Mhz PC with 128 megs of RAM for
           adequate performance & fewer crashes.  AOL 9.5 & higher require at least WinXP SP2 to use.
            Win98se, 2000 & ME users should download AOL 9.0 VR instead.  The PeoplePC Security Plus
            Edition software requires at least Windows XP SP2.

   Web Browser Software [Common Internet Browsers]:

   Listed at my Essential Downloads page.

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