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  (Updated Friday April 29, 2022)

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  NOTE: Due to a very large number of security updates being released for Windows 2000, XP & 2003,
               the security updates listed here are grouped by each year they were released.
               Also, as of year 2016, Microsoft has removed many of the security updates for Win2000 & XP
               from the MS Download Center and can only be obtained from the MS Update Catalog site.  I
               will gradually update the links to the Win2000/XP security updates which will point to the Microsoft
               Update Catalog site instead of the Microsoft Download Center site.  In early 2017, I have gradually
               updated the links to the Win2003 Server updates which many of them are found on the Microsoft
               Update Catalog site instead of the MS Download Center site. 

   NOTE: It is not necessary to download & install all of the updates listed on my page.  You are not required
              to install them unless your system has suffered serious problems.  Make sure you download the
              patches for the correct operating system.  You can uninstall almost all system updates from your system
              if they cause more problems than they fix.

  I've made this page simply for informational purposes and to make downloading updates faster & easier.

  Key = Windows 2000 - Windows NT 5.0 ver. (5.00.2195), Windows XP - Windows Experience [NT 5.1 ver. (5.10.2600)]
            Windows Server 2003 is Windows NT 5.2 version 5.20.3790 [Win2003, WS2003 or W2k3 for short]
            NT - New Technology or Network, Windows XP is also known as Windows 2002, TPE - Tablet PC Edition,
            MCE - Media Center Edition, SP - Service Pack, Cli. = Client, Serv. = Server, Pro. = Professional
            IIS = Internet Information Server, ADAM = Active Directory Application Mode, RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol
  [a little star * indicates a new system update; the <> symbol means to install a patch with caution because it may have a
   possible side effect; I am not responsible if the updates you download here do more harm than good]
  Before installing any WinXP/2003 updates, be sure to 'activate' your copy of either Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft announced at this page is that Extended Support for Windows 2000 Professional Edition ended on July 13, 2010.
And mentioned on this page is that Extended Support for Windows 2000 Server Editions ended on July 13, 2010.  Also,
MS ended extended support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 on April 8, 2014 as noted on their support page (except for
the Embedded & POSReady [Point-Of-Sale Ready] versions of Windows XP which have different support cut-off dates).
And Microsoft ended extended support for all editions of Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015 as noted here and here.
Note: No specific updates for the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 version will be listed here, even though there are
ways to install them with an available registry hack that will allow installing POSReady 2009 updates on WinXP SP3.

Recent changes made to this page:
4/29/2022 - Updated download links from the MS Catalog site to point to the new https MS Catalog download site.
9/03/2021 - Updated links to the old MS support articles in the "Information on how to obtain and install updates..." section
                 of this page.

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2019 ^

(MS19-MAY)  [WinXP(4500331)  (4500705)
(MS19-MAY)  [WS2003(4500331)  (4500705)

^ - Due to the threat of new cyberattacks made by this security vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft has
    released a new May 2019 security update for Windows XP & Server 2003, even though these versions of Windows are
    several years past their extended support cut-off dates.

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2017

[WinXP > fix5, fix6 & fix7(MS Sec Adv 4025687) [WS2003 > fix5, fix6 & fix7(MS Sec Adv 4025687)
[WinXP > fix1, fix2, fix3, fix4]  (MS Sec Adv 4025687)
[WS2003 > fix1, fix2, fix3, fix4(MS Sec Adv 4025687)
(MS17-010)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (4012598)
(MS17-013)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (4012583)

^ - Due to the threat of new cyberattacks made by some new ransomware like WannaCry and others, Microsoft has
    released several June 2017 security updates for Windows XP & Server 2003, even though these versions of Windows are
    a few years past their extended support cut-off dates.

Windows Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2015

(MS15-077)  [WS2003]  (3077657)
(MS15-075)  [WS2003]  (3072633) (MS15-076)  [WS2003]  (3067505)
(MS15-073)  [WS2003]  (3070102) (MS15-074) [WS2003 & MSI 4.5] (3072630) ^
(MS15-071)  [WS2003]  (3068457) (MS15-072)  [WS2003]  (3069392)
<> (MS15-044 & MS15-051)  [WS2003]  (3045171) (MS15-069)  [WS2003(3067903)
(MS15-024)  [WS2003]  (3035132) (MS15-038) [WS2003 > fix 1 & fix 2] (3049576)
(MS15-016)  [WS2003]  (3029944) <> (MS15-020) [WS2003 > fix 1 & fix 2]  (3041836)
(MS15-010) [WS2003 > fix 2 & fix 3] (3036220) (MS15-014)  [WS2003]  (3004361)
(MS15-007)  [WS2003]  (3014029) (MS15-008)  [WS2003]  (3019215)
(MS15-002)  [WS2003]  (3020393) (MS15-003)  [WS2003]  (3021674)

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2014
(MS14-078)  [WS2003]  (2991963) (MS14-085)  [WS2003]  (3013126)
(MS14-068)  [WS2003]  (3011780) (MS14-070)  [WS2003]  (2989935)
(MS14-063)  [WS2003]  (2998579) <> (MS14-064)  [WS2003]  (3006226)
(MS14-045)  [WS2003]  (2993651) (MS14-062)  [WS2003]  (2993254)
(MS14-036) [WS2003 > patch 1 & patch 2] (2967487) (MS14-040)  [WS2003]  (2961072)
(MS14-019)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2922229) (MS14-027)  [WS2003]  (2926765)
(MS14-015)  [WinXP]  (2930275) (MS14-016) [WinXP] [WS2003 - AD & ADAM] (2934418)
(MS14-002)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2914368) (MS14-013)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2929961)

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2013
(MS13-098)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2893294) (MS13-102)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2898715)
(MS13-090)  [WinXP]  [WS2003] AKB (2900986) (MS13-095)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2868626)
(MS13-083)  [WS2003]  (2864058) (MS13-089)  [WinXP]  (2876331)
(MS13-081) [WS2003 > patch 2, patch 3] (2870008) (MS13-081) [WS2003 > patch 4 & patch 6] (2870008)
(MS13-081) [WinXP > patch 1, patch 2, patch 3] (2870008) (MS13-081) [WinXP > patch 4 & patch 6] (2870008)
(MS13-070)  [WinXP]  (2876217) (MS13-071)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2864063)
(MS13-060)  [WinXP]  (2850869) (MS13-063)  [WinXP]  (2859537)
(MS13-033)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2820917) (MS13-054) [WinXP > GDI+ & Journal {TPE}] [WS2003 > GDI+] (2848295)
(MS13-027)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2807986) (MS13-029) [WXP - RDP 6.1 & RDP 7.0 - V2] [WS2k3 & RDP 6.1] (2828223)
(MS13-011)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2780091) (MS13-020)  [WinXP]  (2802968)

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2012
(MS12-082)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2770660)
(MS12-054) [WS2003 > patch 1 (V2) & patch 2] (2733594) (MS12-072)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2727528)
(MS12-053)  [WinXP - V2]  (2723135) (MS12-054) [WinXP > patch 1 (V2) & patch 2] (2733594)
(MS12-048)  [WinXP]  (2691442) (MS12-049)  [WinXP]  (2655992)
<> (MS12-034) [WS2003 > patch 3] (2681578) ^ (MS12-036)  [WS2003]  (2685939)
<> (MS12-034)  [WinXP TPE]  (2660649) <> (MS12-034) [WinXP > patch 3] (2681578) ^
(MS12-017)  [WS2003]  (2647170) (MS12-024) [Wintrust.dll > WinXP / WS2003] (2653956)
(MS12-006) [WinXP] [WS2003 - WinHTTP] (2643584) (MS12-014)  [WinXP]  (2661637)
(MS12-004) [WS2003 - DShow & WML] (2636391) (MS12-005)  [WinXP]  (2584146)
(MS12-002)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2603381) (MS12-004) [WinXP - DShow & WML] (2636391)

Windows XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2011
(MS11-092) [WinXP] [WinXP MCE] (2648048) (MS11-097)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2620712)
(MS11-075)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2564958) (MS11-080)  [WinXP]  (2592799)
(MS11-070)  [WS2003]  (2571621) (MS11-071)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2570947)
(MS11-056)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2507938) (MS11-062)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2566454)
(MS11-043)  [WinXP]  [WS2003] V2 (2536276) ~ (MS11-051)  [WS2003]  (2518295)
(MS11-037)  [WinXP]  [WS2003] V2 (2544893) ~ (MS11-042)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2535512)
(MS11-030)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2509553) (MS11-033)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2485663)
(MS11-024) [WXP - Patch 1 & Patch 2] (2527308) <> (MS11-024) [WS2003 - Patch 1 & Patch 2] (2527308) <>
(MS11-017) [WXP & RDP 6.x] [WS2k3 & RDP 6.x] (2508062) (MS11-020)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2508429)
(MS11-014)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2478960) (MS11-015) [WinXP] [WinXP MCE] (2510030)
(MS11-011)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2393802) (MS11-013)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2478971)
(MS11-005)  [WS2003]  (2478953) (MS11-006)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2483185)

Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2010
(MS10-096)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2423089) (MS10-097)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2443105)
(MS10-081)  [WinXP]  (2296011) (MS10-083)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (979687)
(MS10-074)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2387149) (MS10-076)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (982132)
(MS10-062)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (975558) (MS10-065) [WXP > IIS5.1 ASP & Auth.] [WS2k3] (2267960)
(MS10-055)  [WinXP]  (982665) (MS10-061)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2347290)
(MS10-050)  [WinXP - MovieMaker2.1]  (981997) (MS10-052)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2115168)
(MS10-040)  [WS2003 + IIS6]  (982666) (MS10-042)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (2229593)
(MS10-033)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (979482) (MS10-034)  [Win2k]  AKB  (980195)
(MS10-029)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (978338) (MS10-033) [Win2k > Asycfilt.dll & Quartz.dll/DX9] (979902)
(MS10-024) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (976323) (MS10-026) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (977816)
(MS10-020) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (980232) (MS10-021)  [Win2k]  (979683)
(MS10-019)  [WinXP > Cabview.dll]  (981210) (MS10-019) [WS2k3 > Cabview.dll]  (981210)
(MS10-014)  [Win2k Serv.]  (977290) (MS10-019)  [Win2k - Wintrust.dll & Cabview.dll]  (981210)
(MS10-013)  [WinXP - AVI & DX9]  (977935) (MS10-013)  [WS2003 - AVI & DX9] (977935)
(MS10-007)  [Win2k]  [WinXP]  (975713) (MS10-013)  [Win2k - AVI & DX9]  (977935)
(MS10-001) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (972270) (MS10-005) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (978706)

Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2009
(MS09-073) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (973904)
(MS09-070)  [WS2003]  (971726) (MS09-071) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (974318)
(MS09-066)  [Win2k Serv.]  (973309) (MS09-069) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (974392)
(MS09-059)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (975467) ^ (MS09-064)  [Win2k Serv.]  (974783)
(MS09-056) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (974571) (MS09-057) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (969059)
(MS09-046) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (956844) (MS09-053) [W2k/IIS5] [WXP/IIS5.1] [WS2k3/IIS6] (975254)
(MS09-042) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (960859) (MS09-044)  [W2k/RDP 5.2]  [WS2k3]  (970927)
(MS09-040)  [Win2k]  (971032) (MS09-041)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (971657)
(MS09-037) [WS2k3 ATL, DHTMLED & MSWebDVD] (973908) (MS09-039)  [Win2k Serv.]  (969883)
(MS09-037)  [W2k - ATL & DHTMLED] (973908) (MS09-037) [WXP - ATL, DHTMLED & MSWebDVD] (973908)
(MS09-022)  [Win2k]  (961501) (MS09-026)  [Win2k]  (970238)
(MS09-015) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (959426) (MS09-020) [W2k/IIS5] [WXP/IIS5.1] [WS2k3/IIS6] (970483)
(MS09-012)  [WS2k3 MSDTC & WSI] (959454) (MS09-013)  [Win2k]  (960803)
(MS09-010) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (923561) (MS09-012) [W2k SP4] [WXP SP3 MSDTC & WSI] (959454)
(MS09-007)  [Win2k]  (960225) (MS09-008)  [W2k DNS Serv.]  (962238)

Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2008
(MS08-068)  [Win2k]  (957097) (MS08-071)  [Win2k]  (956802)
(MS08-065)  [Win2k]  (951071) (MS08-067)  [Win2k]  (958644)
(MS08-049) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (950974) (MS08-062) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (953155)
(MS08-037)  [Win2k - V2]  (951748) ~
(MS08-046) [Win2k] [WinXP] [WS2003] (952954)
(MS08-030)  [WinXP - V2]  (951376) ~ (MS08-036)  [WinXP]  [WS2003]  (950762)
(MS08-008)  [Win2k]  (943055) (MS08-020)  [Win2k]  (945553)
(MS08-002)  [Win2k]  (943485) (MS08-005)  [Win2k]  [WS2003]  (942831)

Windows 2000 & Server 2003 Security Updates - Year 2007
(MS07-062)  [Win2k]  (941672) (MS07-067)  [WS2003]  (944653)
(MS07-053)  [WS2003]  (939778) (MS07-055)  [Win2k]  [WS2003]  (923810)
(MS07-035)  [Win2k]  (935839) (MS07-051)  [Win2k]  (938827)
<> (MS07-017)  [Win2k]  [WS2003]  (925902) (MS07-020)  [WS2003]  (932168)
(MS07-012)  [Win2k]  (924667) (MS07-013)  [Win2k]  (918118)
(MS07-008)  [Win2k]  (928843) (MS07-011)  [Win2k]  (926436)

Windows 2000 Security Updates - Year 2006
(MS06-070)  [Win2k]  (924270) (MS06-074)  [Win2k]  (926247)
(MS06-066)  [Win2k]  (923980) (MS06-068)  [Win2k]  (920213)
(MS06-050)  [Win2k]  (920670) (MS06-057)  [Win2k]  (923191)
(MS06-041)  [Win2k]  (920683) (MS06-044)  [Win2k]  (917008)
(MS06-034)  [Win2k]  (917537) (MS06-036)  [Win2k]  (914388)
(MS06-015)  [Win2k]  V2  (908531) ~ ^ (MS06-018)  [Win2k]  (913580)

~ this symbol means the security update(s) was revised

Notes:  Download & install these updates in ascending order [from bottom to top].  If you are paranoid about security, install
of the updates above.  If any patches listed on my page have been revised & you downloaded an early version, download & install
the revised version.  I recommend installing either the Win2000 SP4 KB891861 Update Rollup 1 or Gurgelmeyer's Unofficial Win2k
SP v5.1.2195.24 pack before installing these latest security updates for Win2000.  I will only list security updates that were
released in 2006 and later.  A list of unofficial Win2000 security patches released beyond July 2010 are mentioned in this forum topic.
Caution: See the corresponding MS support articles of the affected security updates that are marked with the <> symbol.
^ Sidenote: The Win2k KB908531 Shell32.dll & Verclsid.exe security update should be installed first before applying the newer
shell32.dll KB967715 update for Win2000.  Also after installing the KB908531 and newer Win2k shell32.dll security updates
apply the Shell32.dll registry fixes for Win2000 from the Claydawg web site.  See my SHLFIX2K page on issues when installing
the latest shell32.dll fixes.  The latest shell32.dll fixes for WinXP/WS2003 are included in the KB955704, KB971029 and
the recent shell32.dll security updates.  The MS09-059 security update for WinXP SP3 & Win2003 SP2 requires the KB968389
update installed first.  KB2676562 (aka. "fix 2" of MS12-034) is no longer listed here as it's replaced by installing the MS13-031
and/or the MS13-063 or higher "kernel" security updates.  The MS15-074 security update for Win2003 SP2 requires the
Windows Installer [MSI] 4.5 addon from KB942288 be installed first.
Windows Server 2003 Service Packs: (for all 32bit editions; recent SP only)

Windows XP Service Packs: (for both Professional & Home Editions; recent SPs only)

Windows 2000 Service Packs: (for both Professional & Server editions; recent SPs only)

Notes: Only install the Windows Service Pack if a newer hotfix or a 3rd party program requires it in order for your system to work
properly.  Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 contains a lot of security updates and upgrades encryption strength from 56-bit to 128-bit.
Win2k SP3 & SP4 also install the Automatic Updates feature similar to the one featured in Windows XP, 2003 & higher.  Windows
XP Service Pack 3 includes mostly bug fixes but now includes several new security features.
<> Caution: Read MS article 950717 for the steps to take before installing WinXP SP3.  You can NOT install WinXP SP3 on the
original release version of WinXP, so install either WinXP SP1 or SP2 first before installing SP3.  However, you CAN "slipstream"
SP3 onto the original release of WinXP and make a CD that contains WinXP already integrated with SP3.  See MS article 914961
on any issues with Windows Server 2003 SP2.  If you are installing Win2003 SP2 on the Small Business Server editions of Windows
Server 2003, see MS article 932600 on any problems when installing SP2.

Other useful updates & add-ons for Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003:

Notes: The Microsoft Paint program version 5.00.1523.1 for Windows NT4 can be used under Win2000, XP & WinServer 2003 as
long as you store the NT4 mspaint.exe file into a different folder like the 'Program Files\Accessories' folder; the Win2000 and
higher versions of MSPaint are usually stored in the System32 folder of the WinNT or Windows folder so do NOT place the NT4
Mspaint.exe file in the System32 folder.  Only version 5.00.1523.1 of MSPaint allows the ability to Load and Save Colors to a
Color Palette (*.pal) file; those options were taken off the Win2000 & higher versions of Paint.  The 'Get Colors' option in Paint
only works if the color depth is set to 65,536 (64k) colors [High Color 16-bit] mode or greater, depending on what video card is used.
After installing the MS Paint program, download the MS Paint Graphics Filters Pack from Axcel216's web site and follow the
instructions on how to install the graphics filters.  The KB891861 Update Rollup for Win2k SP4 is not needed if the unofficial
Win2000 SP 5.x package is already installed.
~ Sidenote: The DirectX June 2010 Redist. download no longer includes DirectX components for Windows 2000.  Plus the DX
Setup file from the June 2010 redist. download (dxsetup.exe) does not work under Win2000.  Therefore, Win2k users must
download the DirectX Feb. 2010 Redist. download instead and run the dxsetup.exe file from the Feb. 2010 redist. download to
install DX9 and other DX components under Win2000.
<> - The unofficial Kernel32 BM Extension for Win2000 patches add functions from XP that may allow modern programs requiring
WinXP SP2 or higher to run on Win2000 SP4 but use with caution.

Other sites to find system updates and/or info for Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003:

Notes: Any downloads for Windows XP are found at the Windows Update site.  By default, Windows XP may be setup to download
system updates automatically while connected to the Internet.  To turn the feature off [if you're annoyed by it] open the Control
Panel, select the Performance & Maintenance control panel applet, click on the System button and in the Automatic Updates
tab, choose the option to update your computer manually; if you are using WinXP with either SP2 or SP3 installed, the Security
Center feature will display some annoying pop-up messages that Automatic Updates was turned off, so open up Security Center,
click on "Change the way Security Center alerts me" link to bring up the Alert Settings dialog box, uncheck the checbox next to
Automatic Updates.  Then click OK to save changes and close the Security Center window and Security Center will no longer
display popup messages that Automatic Updates was disabled.  Installing Win2000 SP3 or SP4 adds the automatic updates
feature, but it can be easily disabled.

Information on how to obtain and install system updates under Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003:

Note: Qfecheck.exe for Win2000/XP/2003 is different from the Win9x/ME version of Qfecheck.exe. They both have the same
         filename but they work differently.  Do NOT use the Win2k/XP version of qfecheck under Win9x/ME and vice-versa (the 9xME
         version of Qfecheck DOES run under Win2000/XP/2003 but will not detect any Win2k, XP or 2003 updates installed).  The
         Windows 2000, XP & 2003 versions of Qfecheck.exe are not included in any Service Packs for those OSes.  Be aware
         that there are separate versions of Qfecheck for certain versions of Windows.  Support articles no longer have the letter Q
         before the article number.  There is a recent issue when using earlier versions of QChain.exe to install patches mentioned
         in MS KB article 815062.

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