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IMPORTANT NOTICE: (the digital TV transition has already passed in June 2009!)
If you are using an old analog TV and are receiving channels through an outdoor rooftop antenna or an
indoor "rabbit ears" antenna, you will need to purchase a digital converter box and hook it up to your
analog TV to continue receiving your local TV channels after June 12, 2009.  Go here for details.
However, if you subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service, your analog TV will work fine
with any of these services beyond the digital TV transition date.  Be sure to re-program your HDTV,
EDTV/SDTV or your Digital Converter Box by re-scanning your digital channels [by using
either the "Auto Program" or "Auto Scan" feature] as some of those channels will move to
different RF broadcasting frequencies during the DTV transition.

Note: After purchasing a digital converter box for your analog TV, check any of these web sites for
buying the right indoor/outdoor TV antenna for your DTV converter box:
[]   []
If you already have an existing indoor or outdoor TV antenna that works well, hook it up to your
DTV converter box and try tuning in to your local channels to see if you can receive them.


Radio & Television Entertainment sites:

National Television Network Sites: See your favorite shows on regular TV (not including cable TV) Note: You will need the Adobe Flash Player to properly view the above sites.  Check the above sites for
local television stations (or affiliates) in your area.  The WB & UPN television contracts ended a few years
ago and these two TV networks merged to become The CW television network.  FOX News Corp. created
a new TV network called "myNetwork TV" that debuted on Sept. 5, 2006 on many TV stations across
the country.  Some former UPN stations have become CW stations while other former UPN stations
have become myNetworkTV stations.  Same for the former WB stations as some of them were converted
to CW channels while other former WB stations were changed to myNetworkTV channels.  In some
cities, the ION TV channel may be available as a cable/satellite channel if it is not available as a free TV

Children's/Kids' Television Shows Web Sites: Note: Some children's shows seen on weekend morning hours may not be broadcasted at their regular
          times due to a sporting event or special event being broadcasted in their place in the morning hours.
          This concerns the local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC & CW TV channels in the Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific &
          Mountain time zones and may not apply to the TV stations residing in the Central & Eastern time
          zones.  Check your local TV listings at, or to see an accurate
          list of when these children shows will be seen.

Southern California Radio Station sites:
Some of these radio stations can be heard on the web with 'streaming' audio.  More links to listen to some
of these radio stations online will be posted soon.

    AM Radio Stations
    Note: Stations with no city listed are assumed they are in the Los Angeles area.

    KLAC 570 AM  (FOX Sports Radio) - home for the UCLA Bruins sports and for the Los Angeles Dodgers
                                MLB Baseball games and for LA Clippers NBA Basketball games
    KOGO 600 AM - News, Talk Radio [San Diego]
    KAVL 610 AM  (FOX Sports 610) - Sports talk radio [Antelope Valley-Lancaster, CA]
    KFI  640 AM - News, Talk Radio; home for LA Chargers NFL Football games
    KSPN 710 AM (ESPN LA 710) - ESPN Sports Radio;  home for USC Trojans college sports;
                               also home of the LA Lakers NBA Basketball games & LA Rams NFL Football games
    KFMB 760 AM - Talk Radio [San Diego]
    KABC 790 AM - Talk Radio; new home for San Francisco 49ers NFL Football games [Los Angeles]
    KLAA 830 AM - Sports Talk Radio, home to LA Angels MLB Baseball games & Anaheim Ducks NHL
                                 Hockey games; airs some ESPN Radio programs
    KRLA  870 AM - Smart Talk Radio
    KHJ 930 AM (Relevant Radio) - Religious
    KCEO 1000 AM (Relevant Radio) - Religious [San Diego, CA]
    KCAA 1050 AM (News Radio) - News, Traffic & Weather [San Bernadino, CA]
    KNX 1070 AM (News Radio) - News, Traffic & Weather {now simulcasted on 97.1 FM}
    KWVE-AM 1110 AM (K-WAVE) {now carries religious programming from KWVE-FM but works in LA} [Los Angeles] * 
    KEIB 1150 AM (The Patriot) - Talk radio; home of LA Kings NHL Hockey games; home to some of
                     Westwood One Radio's Football NFL games
    KGIL 1260 AM (Retro 1260)  - Retro Music; home to California Bears college football games; home to some
                                  of Westwood One Radio's Football NFL games
    KKDD 1290 AM (Relevant Radio) - Religious [San Bernadino / Riverside, CA]
    KLSD 1360 AM (XTRA Sports 1360) - Sports Talk Radio [San Diego]
    KLTX 1390 AM - Religious
    KVEN 1450 AM - Sports Talk Radio [Ventura, CA]

    KSPA 1510 AM - Adult Standards [San Bernadino, CA]   

    * Note: Effective June 2017, KDIS AM became KRDC 1110 AM & started broadcasting only country music.
                But effective April 2021, KRDC simulcasted ESPN 710 AM Sports programs.  Also effective

                December 21, 2021, KNX now simulcasts news on both 1070 AM & 97.1 FM.  Effective September 2023,
                KRDC 1110 AM changed call letters to KWVE and simulcasted religious programming from KWVE-FM.

    FM Radio Stations

    KKJZ  88.1 FM (K-Jazz) - Jazz
    KCSN  88.5 FM (Arts & Roots Radio) - Public radio [Northridge, CA]
    KSPC  88.7 FM (The Space) - Alternative music [San Bernadino, CA]
    KPCC  89.3 FM - Public radio / News

    KCRW 89.9 FM  - Public radio
    KVLA  90.3 FM - Public radio / News [Cochella Valley/Palm Springs, CA]

    KPFK 90.7 FM - Public Radio
    KUSC  91.5 FM - Classical Music
    KTLW 91.9 FM (Air1) - Religious [Lancaster, CA]

    KHHT  92.3 FM (Real 92.3) - Urban Contemporary, Rap, Hip Hop
    XHRM 92.5 FM (Magic 92.5) - Old school, R & B [San Diego, CA]
    KLSI, KLSN, KLST 92.7 FM (Air1 Radio) - Religious [Thousand Oaks/Orange/Riverside, CA]
    KCBS  93.1 FM (Jack FM) - Variety of music [DJ-less station]
    KDAY  93.5 FM (Hip Hop Today and Back in the Day) - Hip Hop, R&B
    KMYI 94.1 FM (Star 94.1) - Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock [San Diego]
    KTWV 94.7 FM (The Wave) - Smooth R & B
    KBBY 95.1 FM (B 95.1) - Adult Contemporary, Mix [Oxnard-Ventura, CA]
    KFRG 95.1 FM (K-Frog) - Riverside County's Country music [Riverside, CA]
    KLOS  95.5 FM - Classic Rock
    KFSH  95.9 FM [The FISH] - Religious [Orange County, CA]
    KYXY 96.5 FM - Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock [San Diego]
    KNX-FM 97.1 (News 97.1) - News, Traffic & Weather {now simulcasted with 1070 AM} *
    KWFN 97.3 FM (The Fan) - Sports [San Diego]

    KXSN 98.1 FM (Sunny 98.1) - Classic Hits [San Diego, CA]
    KYSR 98.7 FM (ALT 98.7) - Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock
    KKLA 99.5 FM - Religious
    KOLA 99.9 FM - Oldies Music [San Bernadino & Riverside, CA]
    KKLQ 100.3 FM (Positive, Encouraging music) - Religious
    KFBG 100.7 FM (BIG FM) - Adult hits [San Diego, CA]
    KRTH 101.1 FM (K-Earth 101) - Oldies Radio
    KATY 101.3 FM (The Mix) - Adult Contemporary, Mix [Riverside / Temecula, CA]
    KJLH 102.3 FM (Radio Free) - Urban Contemporary, Soul, R & B (Rhythm & Blues)
    KIIS 102.7 FM (No.1 hit music station) - Pop Music, Dance, Top 40 hits
    KOST 103.5 FM (Southern California's Soft Rock Station) - Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock
    KBIG 104.3 FM (104.3 MY FM) - Hot Adult Contemporary, Mix
    KKGO 105.1 FM (Go Country 105) - Country Music
    KIOZ 105.3 FM (Rock 105.3) - Modern Rock [San Diego]
    KPWR 105.9 FM (Power 106) - Urban Contemporary, Rap, Hip Hop
    KGMX 106.3 FM (K-Mix 106.3) - Adult Contemporary, Mix [Palmdale / Lancaster, CA]
    KROQ 106.7 FM (World Famous K-ROQ)  - Modern Rock
    KWVE 107.9 FM (K-WAVE) - Religious [Orange County, CA]

Note: In order to listen to a radio station online, you must have Windows Media Player installed (preferably
          the latest version of WMP available for your Windows OS).  More San Diego AM & FM stations will
          be listed here as time goes by and if I can find the sites for the other SD radio stations.  Effective
          December 21, 2021, 97.1 FM dropped their music format and started simulcasting news for KNX
          and changed their call letters from KNOU to KNX-FM.

Southern California Television Channel Sites: Note: KWHY 22 was a MundoFOX channel from August 2012 to July 2015 and became a MundoMAX
channel from July 2015 to November 2016.  On December 1, 2016, KWHY returned back to a Spanish
independent channel.  On January 3, 2018, KJLA became the new station for TV Azteca programming
and KAZA now broadcasts MeTV programming on another channel.  After KCET 28 became an
independent station in 2011, it rejoined as a PBS affiliate on October 2019.  On January 1, 2022, KJLA
dropped Azteca America programming and became an independent Spanish religious station broadcasting
Vision Latina programs and Azteca America programming was carried on KWHY's 22.2 digital subchannel.
Effective late July 2022, KDOC TV is no longer an independent tv station and broadcasts religious

National TV News & News Programs Links [keep up with the latest news]

Radio Show sites: Note: The Jim Rome radio show can only be heard on Ventura County's KVEN 1450 AM, KWFN
97.3 FM in San Diego and on
KCBS 93.1 FM HD2 on a capable HD Radio tuner/receiver.

TV Talk Show sites: (no trash talk TV shows mentioned here)

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