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Here are some BIOS Updates I have found for some very old computers & motherboards:

Computer users looking for BIOS updates for so-called KR636 Motherboards-
For those using a legacy BCM/GVC motherboard that uses the following AMIBIOS ID string:


This is most likely the AMIBIOS ID string for a KR632 motherboard which many
motherboard identification utilities out there "misidentify" it as a KR636 motherboard.
This motherboard uses Intel 440LX [NOT Intel 440EX] chipset & AMI (American
Megatrends Inc.) BIOS.  If a so-called KR636 motherboard uses Intel 440LX chipset
it's probably & really the KR632 motherboard.
The latest BIOS update for the KR632 motherboard is found here:

If a so-called KR636 motherboard uses Intel 440EX [NOT Intel 440LX] chipset,
then it is most likely to be an IN440EX motherboard which uses Award BIOS.
The latest BIOS update for the IN440EX motherboard is found here:

In other words, so-called KR636 motherboards are not really KR636 motherboards
and are usually mis-identified by most system utilities.  For more BCM motherboard
downloads for current and legacy boards, go to this page.

Caution:  Note that after obtaining & running BIOS updates for your system, you must
enter BIOS setup and reset your settings or load default settings so that the newer
BIOS version can work properly with the options you have selected in the BIOS setup

Let me know if you find any more hard-to-find BIOS updates out there on the web.

If you need to know what kind of BIOS your motherboard is using, download and
run the CPU-Z tool and click on the Motherboard tab & look in the BIOS section.

To download BIOS updates for your computer or motherboard, go to the web site
of the computer manufacturer or motherboard maker.  Don't bother visiting the web
sites of the actual BIOS makers because they never provide BIOS updates
directly to computer users.

You can also use BIOS tools listed at the BIOS page to gather
BIOS info.  Other BIOS related downloads can be found at this BIOS
page and the Softpedia BIOS drivers page.

If your computer has an Intel motherboard, you can find instructions on updating
the BIOS on Intel motherboards here.

Also, see Wim's BIOS Forum site and post your request for a BIOS update or
post your BIOS problem there.  You can also check Wim's BIOS Updates page
for a list of motherboard and/or computer manufacturers.

And here are some articles on how to update the computer's BIOS on the following
web sites:

How to Update Your BIOS - PC World
How to Perform a BIOS Upgrade - Hardware Secrets

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