Contacting the ERPMan:

My email address is at erpmanila3w at hotmail dot com. (smart Internet users can figure this one out).

Specify windows updates as the subject if you want to comment about the updates for Windows, IE or WMP
featured on any of my Windows System Updates pages.  Use msoffice updates when commenting or
questioning what I have listed on both of my MS Office/MS Works Updates pages (or if you want to ask me
for certain MS Office hotfixes from me).  Use essential downloads if you want to discuss about the
shareware and freeware programs or any other downloads featured on my Essential Downloads page.
Use broken links as the subject if you find any broken, outdated or non-working links on my pages and want
to tell me about them.  Use computer tips as the subject if you have a good tip that I can use on my Computer
Tips for Windows page or to make corrections, additions or subtractions on my Computer Tips page.
Use radio & television for the subject if you want to comment about my Radio & Television page.  If you want
to comment about my Lost BIOS Updates page, use lost BIOS updates as the subject.

Note: I will only receive messages with the specified subjects listed above.  Otherwise the email messages
          will not reach me and you will have to resend your message with any of the required subject lines that
          I have mentioned.  Be sure to spell out the subject words correctly.  If they are mis-spelled, the email
          message will not get through.  Also, do not expect an immediate response as I am currently busy
          with important matters away from the computing world but I may respond at least a day or two (or
          longer) to your emails.

<> Warning: I will NOT accept email messages containing tips on bypassing or circumventing Microsoft's
MPA, OGA and WGA features and will be deleted immediately.  Be sure you have a "legit" copy of
Windows XP, Vista or Seven installed on your machine and have activated AND validated your copy of
XP/Vista/7 to have access to non-critical updates at the Microsoft Download Center.  To speed up the
"validation" process at the MS Download Center, please install the WGA ActiveX control for Internet Explorer
and the WGA Plugin for Firefox browser so you can quickly validate XP/Vista/7 in either IE or Firefox and
be able to obtain non-critical downloads & add-ons.

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