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  (Updated Friday December 18, 2020)

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   (Critical Updates are bug fixes that fix serious problems such as specific security hacker attacks)
   (Recommended Updates are optional - not really necessary to download & install but include system improvements)
   NOTE: It is not necessary to download & install all of the updates listed on my page.  You are not required
              to install them unless your system has suffered serious problems.  Make sure you download the
              patches for the correct operating system.

  I've made this page simply for informational purposes and to make downloading updates faster & easier.  See this
  Microsoft Support Knowledge Base Article to determine what version of Internet Explorer you are using > KB 164539
  To determine what version of Windows Media Player you are using click on the link to this MS KB article > KB 190990

  Key = IE - Internet Explorer, WMP - Windows Media Player, OE - Outlook Express, JScript - Java Script
           WSH - Windows Script Host, VBScript - Visual Basic Script, WMF - Windows Media Format
  [a little star * indicates a new system update; the <> symbol means to install a patch with caution because it may have a
   possible side effect; I am not responsible if the updates you download here do more harm than good]

I will feature Internet Explorer & Windows Media Player updates for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008 & Win7/Server 2008 R2.
Also, no IE11 updates for the new Windows 10 operating system will be listed here since Win10 will automatically download &
install IE11 updates and the IE11 updates for Win10 are always included in the latest Win10 cumulative update.

Important Note: Microsoft has switched to a new monthly update rollup format for Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1
starting October 2016, which includes new IE 11 security updates into the newly released monthly rollup updates.
So to install the newly released IE 11 security updates for Win7 SP1 & Win8.1, just go to either my Win7 or Win8.1
updates pages and download the latest "security quality" monthly rollup update.  However in March 2017, MS
has decided to offer individual IE10/IE11 security updates again for those who download the "security only" rollups
but these new IE10/IE11 security updates will also be included in the newest Win7/Win8.x "security quality" monthly
rollup updates made in March 2017 and later.  I have listed the new individual IE10/IE11 security updates.
Special Note: I will continue to list new Internet Explorer security updates for IE9 on Server 2008 and IE11 on Win7
but will also note that any new IE updates released in Feb. 2020 & later for Win7 & Server 2008 (R0/R2) will require
a valid ESU subscription license.

Recent changes made to this page: (up to a few months of changes)
12/18/2020 - Updated links to the IE Compatibility List updates (KB982664 & KB2598845) and the KB885258 updates for IE6 SP1.
11/23/2020 - Replaced links to the previously mentioned IE11 security updates with new ones [KB4586768].
10/23/2020 - Removed links to the IE7 downloads for WinXP/WS2003 as they are no longer available.  Also updated links to the
                   WMP11 downloads for WinXP 32bit & 64bit editions and updated links to the IE9 downloads for Vista & Win7 and
                   updated links to the IE8 downloads for XP, WS2003 & Vista.

Internet Explorer & Outlook Express Security Updates (for both x86/32bit & x64/64bit):
~ * Internet Explorer 11 KB4586768 Security Updates [Win7 > 32bit & 64bit] # [Win8 Embed & Server 2012 > 32bit & 64bit] [Win8.1 > 32bit & 64bit]
- (4586768)
~ Internet Explorer 9.0 KB4577010 Security Updates [WinServer 2008 SP2 > 32bit & 64bit] ! # - (4577010)
~ Internet Explorer 10 KB4537767 Security Updates [Win8 & Server 2012 > 32bit & 64bit] - (4537767)
~ Internet Explorer 11 KB4534251 Security Updates [Win7 > 32bit & 64bit] - (4534251)
~ Internet Explorer 9.0 KB4534251 Security Updates [Vista & Server 2008 SP2 > 32bit & 64bit] ! - (4534251)
~ Internet Explorer 8.0 KB4493435 Security Update for WinXP Embedded POSReady 2009  [IE8] - (4493435)
~ Internet Explorer 9.0 KB4018271 Security Updates [Vista > 32bit & 64bit] ! - (4018271)
~ Internet Explorer 8.0 KB4018271 Security Updates [WinXP 32bit]  [WinXP x64 & Server 2003 x64] ! - (4018271)
~ JScript & VBScript 5.7 MS16-086 Security Updates [Vista & WS2008 > 32bit & 64bit]
(MS16-086) (3169996)
~ Internet Explorer 9.0 KB3124275 Security Update for Windows 7 > [32bit] [64bit]
(MS16-001) (3124275)
~ Internet Explorer 8.0 KB3124275 Security Updates [Vista & WS2008 > 32bit & 64bit]
(MS16-001) (3124275)
~ Internet Explorer 7.0 KB3124275 Security Updates [Vista & WS2008 > 32bit & 64bit]
(MS16-001) (3124275)
~ Internet Explorer 6 & 7 KB3124275 Security Updates for WinXP POSReady 2009  [IE7]   [IE6]
(MS16-001) (3124275)
~ VBScript 5.6/5.7 MS15-066 Security Updates for Windows Server 2003 SP2 only > [VBS 5.6]  [VBS 5.7]
(MS15-066) (3072604)
~ Internet Explorer 7.0 & 8.0 KB3065822 Security Updates for Windows Server 2003 SP2 [IE8] [IE7] [see Sidenotes 2 & 3] (MS15-065) (3065822)
~ Internet Explorer 7.0 & 8.0 KB3074886 Updates for Windows Server 2003 SP2 [IE8] [IE7] [see Sidenotes 2 & 3] (MS15-065) (3074886)
~ <> Internet Explorer 6.0 KB3065822 Security Update for Windows Server 2003 SP2 [see Sidenotes 2 & 3] (MS15-065) (3065822)
Jscript & VBScript - Windows Script Host - Internet Explorer Security Fixes {see below for downloads} (MS15-053) (3057263)
JS-VBS 5.7 [WS2k8 & IE7] [Vista & IE7] [WS2k3 & IE7] [WXP POSReady & IE7] / JS-VBS 5.6 [WS2k3 & IE6 (MS15-053) (3057263)
~ Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 KB2964358 Security Updates for Windows XP > [IE8]  [IE7]  [IE6] (MS14-021) (2964358)
~ Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 KB2936068 Security Updates for Windows XP > [IE8]  [IE7]  [IE6] (MS14-018) (2936068)
JScript & VBScript 5.8 Security Updates for IE8 & Windows x64/64bit [Win7]  [WS2008]  [Vista]  [WS2k3-x64]  [WXP-x64]
(MS11-031) (2510531)
JScript & VBScript 5.8 Security Updates for IE8 & Windows x86/32bit [Win7]  [WS2008]  [Vista]  [WS2003]  [WinXP] (MS11-031) (2510531)
JScript & VBScript 5.7 - Windows Script Host for IE Security Update for Windows XP  [WinXP] (MS11-031) (2510581)
~ Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x KB982381 Security Update [Win2k - IE6.0SP1/IE5.01SP4] [W98/ME/NT4] (MS10-035) (982381)
<> Outlook Express 5.x/6.x KB978542 Security Update  [WS2003]  [WinXP]  [Win2k - OE6 / OE5.5] (MS10-030) (978542)
VBScript/WSH/IE security fixes for Win2000 > VBScript 5.7 [Win2k] / VBScript 5.6 [Win2k] (MS10-022) (981169)
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 VGX.DLL KB958869 Security Update for Windows 2000 SP4 only (MS09-062) (958869)
JScript/WSH/IE security fixes for Win2000 > JScript 5.7 [Win2k] / Jscript 5.6 [Win2k] (MS09-045) (971961)
Internet Explorer 5.01 SP4 VGX.DLL KB938127 Security Update for Windows 2000 SP4 (MS07-050) (938127)
<> Outlook Express 6.0.3790 Cumulative KB929123 Security Update for Windows Server 2003 SP2 (MS07-034) (929123)
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 ART Image KB918439 Security Update  (Win2k)  (Win98/ME)  (WinNT4) (MS06-022) (918439)
Internet Explorer 5.01 SP4 ART Image KB918439 Security Update  (Win2k) (MS06-022) (918439)
~ Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Cumulative KB916281 Security Update for Windows 98 & ME only (MS06-021) (916281)
~ Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Cumulative KB905915 Security Update  (WinME)  (Win98/2k/NT4) (MS05-054) (905915)
Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x FTP Client KB905495 Security Update (W2k/IE6SP1) (W9x/ME/NT4-IE5/IE6) (MS05-044) (905495)
~ Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2 Cumulative KB883939 Security Update for Windows 9x & NT4 [unofficial] (MS05-025) (883939)
~ Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Cumulative KB867801 Security Update for Windows 95 (MS04-025) (867801)
Internet Explorer 5.x "Verisign" Security Update, April 2, 2001 [revised 4-9-2001; fixed in IE6 & higher] (MS01-017) (293818)

Notes: Download & install these security updates mentioned above in ascending order [from bottom to top].  The latest Cumulative
          Security updates for Internet Explorer also fix problems found in the previous IE updates.  Currently, I only feature the JScript
          MS09-045 security updates for WSH/MSE/JScript versions 5.6 and 5.7.  The Jscript 5.8 MS09-045 security updates are
          not listed here because they are replaced by the newly released Jscript 5.8 MS11-031 updates listed above on this page.
          ~ Sidenote: Please see Axcel216's Max Speeed Internet Explorer Updates page for any potential problems & workarounds
          when installing the latest IE updates.  Since these new IE updates change the behavior of handling user info in HTTP and
          HTTPS links, please read MS article 834489 for solutions on how to deal with this new behavior.  The Internet Explorer
          cumulative security updates starting from KB824145 and subsequent cumulative updates break the functions of the
          Windows 98 Troubleshooter Help file.  When clicking on the Next button of any Win98 troubleshooter AND any one or
          more cumulative IE updates are installed, the Win98 Troubleshooter Help file will display a blank page instead of showing
          any solutions to the troubleshooter.  See my 98tshoot.html file on how to get the Windows 98 Troubleshooters (and the
          Windows 98 Help files) to work correctly again with any Cumulative IE Update installed.  Note that these Cumulative IE
          Patches do NOT break the Troubleshooters in Windows 2000, ME, XP, Server 2003 and higher.
          ~ Sidenote 2: The MS15-065 security updates for IE7 & IE8 for Windows Server 2003 SP2 are "bundled" updates, which need
          two patches (KB3065822 & KB3074886) to fix the newer security vulnerabilities, while the MS15-065 security update for IE6
          on Windows Server 2003 SP2 has only one update.  Install the KB3065822 patch for IE7/IE8 first, reboot and then install the
          KB3074886 patch for IE7/IE8 last.

          ~ Sidenote 3: The IE11 KB3038314 & later cumulative updates disable the SSL 3.0 protocol by default as noted in Microsoft
          Technet Security Advisory 3009008.
          ! - The KB4018271 & higher IE9 security updates for Vista/WS2008 do not completely fix the security flaws; the KB3208481
          Hlink.dll & KB3218362 Internet Messaging API security updates for Vista/WS2008 will also have to be installed to completely
          fix the new security vulnerabilities.  Also the KB4018271 IE8 security updates have been made available to WinXP & Server 2003
          users to partly resolve the security flaws with IE8 (and due to the threat of certain new ransomware attacks).
          # - The Feb. 2020 KB4537767 & later IE9/IE11 security updates for Windows 7 & Server 2008 R0/R2 require a valid ESU
          license or these IE updates will fail to install as mentioned in MS support article 4497181.

Internet Explorer Root Certificates Updates: (not needed for Win7 SP1, Win8.0, Win8.1 & Win10)

Notes:  If you have downloaded an earlier version of the Root Certificates Update before middle of March 2014, download it again
           as the Root Certificates Update is revised almost once every year.  You must re-install the Root Certificates Update
           if you remove, re-install or install a new version of Internet Explorer only on Win9x, ME, 2000 or NT4 (you may not have
           to do this if using WinXP, 2003 or higher).  Root Certificates Update revised in the year 2013 require Windows XP or
           greater to install.  However, Root Certificates Update revised in 2014 and later will require minimum of Windows Vista,
           although newer Root Certificate updates are automatically applied to Vista/Win7 & higher OSes with the KB2677070 &
           KB2868626 security updates installed (but not with the KB2813430 update installed).  However, to allow newer IE updates
           as well as newer .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6.1 & greater updates to be installed, the MS Root Certificate Authority 2011
           will need to be downloaded & installed by following the instructions from MS support article 3149737.

Internet Explorer Web Browser Downloads, Add-ons & Non-Critical Updates:

Notes: The Internet Explorer 5.01 browser is only updated & supported by Windows 2000 and latest Win2k Service Packs.  The
latest SP for Win2000 is SP4 which has IE 5.01 SP4.  Many (but not all) of the IE 5.x Web Accessories & Power Tweaks
Accessories work fine under IE 6.x & possibly IE 7/IE 8 for WinXP/2003.  MS Netmeeting 3.02 is available for WinVista as a
hotfix.  Version of MS NetMeeting in WinXP is 4.40.3400 while Win2003 Server editions have NetMeeting version 4.40.4000
and can only be updated by Service Packs for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  I no longer feature any MS Java VM
downloads here as it is very old and deprecated; install the latest Java SE Runtime Environment software instead.
Note that Windows 7 and greater do not include NetMeeting nor will it be supported.
Note about IE9: Internet Explorer 9 requires either Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 installed and IE9 cannot be installed
nor used under Windows XP, Server 2003 and older versions of Windows.  Also, IE9 requires certain updates for Vista and/or
Seven to be installed first before IE9 can be installed successfully as noted in MS KB article 2399238.
Note about IE10 & IE11: As with IE9, Internet Explorer 10 and/or 11 require certain Win7 SP1 updates to be installed first before
either one can be installed successfully.  See MS KB article 2818833 on what Win7 SP1 updates to install before installing IE10.
And see MS KB article 2847882 on what Win7 SP1 updates to install before installing IE11 - Win7 SP1 users must also install
the KB2882822 & KB2888049 updates in addition to the existing Win7 prerequisite updates before installing IE11 as those two
updates are required for IE11 to install & work correctly under Win7 SP1.
Note about IE11 for Win8 Embedded & Server 2012 R0: MS has released IE11 for Win8 Embedded & Server 2012 in late April 2019
and they will release specific IE11 security updates in May 2019; note that these specific IE11 downloads cannot be installed
on "client" versions of Win8.0 which were out of support since Jan. 2016.

Windows Media Player Security Updates (x86/32bit only): [x64/64bit downloads coming soon]
* Windows Media Player KB4047170 Security Updates (Vista & WS2008)
- (4047170)
Windows Media Player MS15-057 Security Updates (WS2008) (Vista) (WS2003) (XP POSReady - WMP11)
(MS15-057) (3033890)
Windows Media Format MS13-057 Security Updates (WS2k8 > fix 2) (Vista > fix 2) ~ (MS13-057) (2847883)
Windows Media Format MS13-057 Security Updates (WS2k3 > fix 1 & fix 2) (WinXP > WMF11 fix & WMV9VCM) ~ (MS13-057) (2847883)
Windows Media Player KB2378111 Security Update  (WinXP) (MS10-082) (2378111)
Windows Media Format KB978695 Security Update  (WS2003 SP2)  (WinXP SP3)  (Win2k SP4) (MS10-033) (978695)
Windows Media Player 9 KB979402 Security Update for Windows 2000 SP4 (MS10-027) (979402)
Windows Media Player 6.4 KB974112 Security Update (WS2003) (WinXP)  (Win2000) (MS09-052) (974112)
Windows Media Format KB968816 Security Update  (WS2008) (Vista (MS09-047) (968816)
Windows Media Player KB973540 Security Update (WS2008) (Vista) (WS2003) (WinXP) (Win2000) (MS09-037) (973540)
Windows Media Player 6.4 KB954600 Security Update for Windows 2000 SP4 (MS08-076) (954600)
Windows Media Format KB952069 Security Update (WS2003)  (WinXP - V2)  (Win2000) (MS08-076) (952069)
Windows Media Format KB941569 Security Update  (WS2003)  (WinXP)  (Win2000) (MS07-068) (941569)
Windows Media Format KB941569 Security Update  (Win98/ME - WMF9)  (Win9x/ME/NT4 - WMF 7.1) (MS07-068) (941569)
Windows Media Player 7.1 KB936782 Security Update (Win2000)  (Win9x/ME/NT4) (MS07-047) (936782)
^ Windows Media Player 6.4 KB925398 Security Update (Win2k/XP/2003)  (Win9x/ME/NT4) (MS06-078) (925398)
Windows Media Player Non-MS Browser Plug-In KB911564 Security Fix (Win2k/XP/2k3) (Win9x/ME/NT4) (MS06-006) (911564)
Windows Media Player 7.1 KB817787 Security Update for Windows 98, 2000 & ME (MS03-017) (817787)
Windows Media Player Security Update, June 26, 2002  (revised 7-24-2002)  (WMP 7.1)  (WMP 6.4) (MS02-032) (320920)

Note: The Windows Media Player KB936782 security updates replace the KB917734 security updates for all supported
versions of Windows Media Player.
^ - The WMP 6.4 KB925398 security update was revised on July 10, 2007 so that it can install under Win2003 SP2.
~ - Fix 2 or the WMV9VCM MS13-057 security update requires the WMV9 VCM Codec package installed first.

Windows Media Player Downloads & Add-ons:

Notes: The Windows Media 10 Codecs Download Package is included in Windows Media Player 10; version 8.0 of this addon
is included in Media Player 7.1 for Win98/2000/ME & in Media Player 8.0 for WinXP.  Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1
includes Windows Media Player 6.4 version instead of version if using Win98, ME or NT4;  IE 6 SP1
installs WMP version if using Win2000.  To install WMP 6.4 build 1121 under Win95, 98 or NT4 with the IE 5.01 or
IE 5.5 setup tool see My Computer Tips for Windows page - pt2.  If you are installing IE 6 SP1 under Win98 or NT4 (not under
Win95), use the IE 6 SP1 setup program to install WMP 6.4.  Windows Server 2003 RTM includes Windows Media Player 9.0
version Be sure to install IE5 & DirectX 7 or better first before installing WMP 7.1 under Win95 and NT4 users
must install SP6 first along with IE5 & DX6 Media before installing WMP 7.1 under NT4.  Also avoid installing the Music CD
Burning addon from WMP 7.1 if using NT4 as it does not work well under WinNT4 and works properly under Win95.  The WMP
KB832353 updates replace the WMP KB828026 critical updates.  To uninstall WMP9 under WinME or WinXP orig./SP1
without using System Restore, see my page on how to remove WMP9 completely.  Windows 7 & Windows 8.x include
Windows Media Player 12 and WMP12 is not available for other versions of Windows.
<> Caution: Do NOT install the WMP9URP pack under Win98 if unofficial 98MP10 pack is installed as it may cause problems.
Also, be careful when trying out the unofficial WMP10 pack for Win2000; once you install it, you can not remove it with the normal
WMP 10 uninstaller, so get the unofficial WMP10 remover here.
GREAT NEWS About Installing Windows Media Player 11 under Windows Server 2003: Read this blog page on how to install
Windows Media Player version 11 under Windows Server 2003 systems.

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