Windows 98 Troubleshooters Stop Working Correctly if Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update 824145 or Higher is Installed
Updated: Monday July 26, 2010

If you installed any one or more of the following Cumulative Internet Explorer Security Updates:

MS03-048  [824145]  <IE 6.0 SP1 patch>  <IE 5.5 SP2 patch>
MS04-004  [832894]  <IE 6.0 SP1 patch>  <IE 5.5 SP2 patch>
MS04-025  [867801]  <IE 6.0 SP1 Q867801 patch>  <IE 5.5 SP2 Q867801 patch>
MS04-025  [871260]  <IE 6.0 SP1 Q871260 patch>  <IE 5.5 SP2 Q871260 patch>
MS04-038  [834707]  <IE 6.0 SP1 Q834707 patch>  <IE 5.5 SP2 Q834707 patch>
MS04-038  [873377 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 Q873377 patch>
MS04-040  [889293 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 Q889293 patch>
MS04-040  [889669 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 Q889669 patch>
MS05-014  [867282]   (no longer available from Windows Update for Win98/ME)
MS05-020  [890923]  (no longer available from Windows Update for Win98/ME)
MS05-025  [883939]  (no longer available from Windows Update for Win98/ME)
MS05-038  [896727]   <IE6 SP1 patch>   <IE5.5 SP2 patch>
MS05-052  [896688]   <IE6 SP1 patch>   <IE5.5 Sp2 patch>
MS05-054  [905915]   <IE6 SP1 patch>   <IE5.5 SP2 patch>
MS06-013  [912812 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 patch>
MS06-021  [916281 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 patch>
MS10-035  [982381 for IE6 SP1 only]  <IE6 SP1 patch>  (unofficial)

AND you are using Windows 98 (First Edition-Gold or Second Edition), the Windows 98 Troubleshooters
will no longer function correctly.  Clicking on the Next button after selecting any troubleshooter will display
a blank page instead of displaying solutions to the problem.  The previous IE Cumulative Update 828750
[MS03-040] and earlier cumulative IE patches do not break the troubleshooters in Win98.  Also note that
the IE updates mentioned above do NOT break the troubleshooters in other versions of Windows such as
Windows 2000, Millennium, XP & Server 2003.

To make the Windows 98 Troubleshooters work correctly again with 824145 or higher IE security update
installed, use the tips below.

View my tshtfix.txt file and save it as the tshtfix.inf file.  Right-click on the tshtfix.inf file and choose
the Install command and it will delete some of the registry entries that came with the IE patches and
re-register the Win98 troubleshooter.  The changes take effect immediately.


Download and run the 98TSHOOT.EXE patch from the MDGx web site.  This patch also re-registers
the Windows 98 Troubleshooter Guide.  Those using Windows 98 First Edition should install the updated
Troubleshooters first before running the 98TShoot.exe patch.  The changes with the 98tshoot.exe patch
should take effect right after running the patch.

Note that if a newer or future cumulative Internet Explorer security update is installed under Windows 98,
you will have to repeat these tips in order for the Windows 98 Troubleshooter Help file to work correctly
with the new IE cumulative update.

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