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ERPMan's Windows 9x & ME Services Packs, Patches, Addons & Updates Page
(Updated Friday August 3, 2018)

Maximize the web browser window when viewing this page [using at least 1024 by 768 screen resolution].
Note: In early 2016, Microsoft removed many of the Win95/98/ME updates from the Microsoft Download
Center site and I have fixed the broken links to these updates.

   I've made this page simply for informational purposes and to make downloading updates & addons faster & easier.

  Key- Windows 98 FE = First Edition [aka. Gold] version 4.10.1998, SE = Second Edition version 4.10.2222,
          ME = Millennium Edition version 4.90.3000 [Windows ME is sometimes known as Windows 98 Third Edition]
          Windows 95 original/OSR1 is version 4.00.950, Windows 95 OSR2 is version 4.00.1111
All support for Windows 98 & Windows Millennium Edition [ME] ended on July 11, 2006.  Also, all support for all versions of
Windows 95 ended on December 31, 2002. 
No new updates for Win95, 98 & ME will be made.

Recent changes made to this page:
8/03/2018 - Updated version description of the Unofficial Win98 SE service pack download, which is now version 3.63.
5/25/2018 - Updated version description of the Unofficial Win98 SE service pack download, which is now version 3.62.

Security Updates [both Official and Unofficial]

Notes: These are all the latest security updates (official and unofficial) for Windows 95, 98 & ME.  A few unofficial security fixes
may be produced depending on the situation.
<> - See MS security bulletin MS07-008 for any potential problems after installing the Unofficial HTML Help 1.41 download for
Windows 9x Service Packs: (both official and unofficial)

Notes: The Win95 Service Pack downloads are for the original release editions of Win95.  Do NOT install the SP1 on OSR2 editions
of Win95 as OSR2 already includes all of the fixes from SP1.  Either edition of Win95 SP1 will update Win95 to version "A" and/or
OSR1.  The Unofficial Win95 OSR2 Service Packs are only for Win95 versions B or C and will not install nor run under pre-OSR2
versions of Win95.

Add-ons for Windows 95, 98 & ME:

Notes: Any non-critical updates for Win95, 98 or ME can be found on AXCEL216/MDGx Win9x Software Essentials page.

Other sites to find system updates and/or info for Windows 95, 98 & ME:

Notes: By default, Windows ME may be setup to download system updates automatically while connected to the Internet.  To turn
the Automatic Updates feature off [if you're annoyed by it] open the Control Panel, click on the Automatic Updates applet and
select the option to update your computer manually.  If you downloaded & install the updated AutoUpdate tool for WinME from
the Windows Update site, you will have to disable the AutoUpdates feature again as it defaults back to downloading ME updates
automatically on the Autoupdate control panel applet.

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Warning: Do NOT copy part or the entire page without my permission.