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ERPMan's Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a System Updates Page

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NOTE: This page was discontinued & archived on Dec. 21, 2009.  Re-posted on June 10, 2011.
[If there are any links on this page that end up being "broken", I will not fix them.]

(Critical Updates are bug fixes that fix serious problems such as specific security hacker attacks)
NOTE: It is not necessary to download & install all of the updates listed on my page.  You are not required to
           install them unless your system has suffered serious problems.  Make sure you download the patches
           for the correct operating system.  You can uninstall most system updates from your system if they
           cause more problems than they fix.

I've made this page simply for informational purposes and to make downloading updates faster & easier.  No patches for the
Terminal Server and Enterprise Server Editions of NT4 will be mentioned here.

Key- OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (PC Maker), Windows NT4 [all editions] is version 4.00.1381
        NT = New Technology or Network, WS/Serv. means that patches can be installed under both the Workstation and
        Server editions of Windows NT4, Serv./SRV = Server, WS = Workstation
All support for Windows NT4 Workstation ended on June 30, 2004 and all support for Windows NT4 Server ended on Dec. 31, 2004.
No more new updates will be made for these versions of Windows.
[the <> symbol means to install a patch with caution because it may have a possible side effect; I am not responsible if
 the updates you download here do more harm than good]

Recent changes made to this page: (up to a month of changes)
12/21/2009 - Discontinued this page.

Windows NT4 SP6a Critical Non-Security Hotfixes/Patches:

Note: Hotfixes listed here are for both the Server (SRV) and Workstation (WS) editions of NT4 unless noted otherwise.
         More hotfixes will be posted soon with links to directly request them from Microsoft.  When clicking on the link
         to request a certain NT4 hotfix, you must accept the Agreement for MIcrosoft Services on its support page
         before you can actually request the hotfix.

Windows NT4 SP6a Security Updates:

Notes:  If you are paranoid about security, install ALL of the updates above but install these updates in ascending order, from
bottom to top.  First install Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a first before installing Security Updates from the Windows NT4
Post-SP6a Security Rollup Pack [aka. Security Update of July 26, 2001] to the most recent security update.  Most of the NT4
security updates can be installed on both the Workstation & Server editions of NT4 unless specified; patches for the Server only
editions of NT4 are on a separate page.  To install the latest NT4 Server patches under NT4 Workstation, see this page.  Before
installing the NT4 KB883935 Security Update, install the NT4 Option Pack first which can be found later below in this page.
The NT4 KB841356 shell32.dll security update can be installed under both the Workstation and Server editions of NT4.
<> Caution: Before installing the WinNT4 July 26, 2001 Security Update, click on its 'More Info' link for any issues & problems
with this rollup update.  Also before installing other security patches that have potential problems, check with their corresponding
MS security bulletins or MS KB articles on the problems they may cause.
Windows NT 4.0 Service Packs: (for both Workstation & Server editions of NT4)

Notes: Before installing almost any update featured on this page for NT4 or when using software made or revised in the 21st
century, download & install Service Pack 6a first.  Service Packs for WinNT4 are huge downloads but they add security and
stability.  I only mention the 128-bit high encryption editions of NT4 Service Pack 6 under Intel-based systems.  If you want the
standard 40-bit or 56-bit version or another platform version of an NT4 Service Pack, go to the MS Download Center and
search for older Service Packs for NT4.  The 128-bit edition of SP6a is highly recommended as it adds 128-bit security to
Internet Explorer, Dialup Networking and to other NT4 security features.

Other Updates & add-ons for Windows NT4 SP6a:

Notes:  Some of the Updates mentioned here are for certain systems only & may cause problems in others, so don't download
them all.  Some of the MS Powertoys from the WinNT4 Powertoys set can be used under Win2000 [ex. SendTo Extensions,
Command Prompt Here & Target Context Menu powertoys] but do NOT install them under WinXP & higher.  The Microsoft Spider
Solitaire game works under NT4 BUT requires the Desktop Update from at least IE 4.01 SP1; to install the Desktop Update with
IE 5.x/6.x see my Computer Tips page pt. 2 & scroll to the Internet Explorer section on how to do it.  After installing ver. 5 of the
MS Paint program, download MS Paint Graphics Filters Pack from Axcel216's web site and follow the instructions on how to install
the updated graphics filters.  The WMI 1.5 addon requires NT4 SP6 when installing WMI 1.5 under NT4.  It will not install on an
NT4 machine with older service packs installed.  The NT4 Option Pack for NT4 includes Internet Information Server 4.0 for NT4
Server edition and Personal Web Server 4.0 for NT4 Workstation edition.

Other sites to find system updates and/or info for Windows NT4 SP6:

Notes:  All updates for Windows NT4 are now found only at the MS Download Center.

Information on how to obtain and install system updates under Windows NT 4.0:

Note:  WinNT4 users can use the Hotfix.exe tool with the '-L' switch to view a listed of installed NT4 hotfixes.  Support articles
          no longer have the letter Q before the article number.  There is a recent issue when using earlier versions of QChain.exe
          to install patches mentioned in MS article 815062.  The Qfecheck.exe tool from MS article 828854 does NOT work
          correctly under NT4 [it will run but will not detect any NT4 hotfixes installed].  Use HOTFIX.EXE instead to get a list
          of installed NT4 updates.

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